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How to Use C++ Member Pointers With CUDA

One of the more obscure, yet immensely useful features of C++ are member pointers. Member pointers can be used as parameters to specify on which member of an object a funtion should operate. Theoretically they can be used with CUDA code, but there are a couple of issues in NVCC and it's not obvious how to work around these. More »

How to Mute Threads in Mutt as in Gmail

Anyone who's on high-volume mailing lists knows this problem: some threads are irrelevant for you, but grow by tens or hundreds of mails each day. Incrementally archiving them in mutt is quick, but tedious. Google's Gmail has a mute feature for these threads. mutt did not, so I wrote a patch. More »

The Listserve: a STORM is Coming Follow-up

Last week I received an e-mail titled You've won The Listserve. In case you don't know: The Listservedoesn't refer to just any mailing list, but to an experimental lottery: each day one subscriber is given the chance to broadcast his ideas to all recipients. So now was my turn. More »

The Troubling State of MPI

The Message Passing Interface, or MPI (not to be confused with the Max Planck Institutes), is in the peculiar situation of being one of the most widely used technologies in HPC and supercomputing, despite being declared dead since decades. Lately however, my nose is picking up some smells which are troubling me. And others. More »